About me

„A quality constructional solution constitutes a good design. A pipe, which includes very useful properties and also is an aesthetic, as respects bruyere structure, constitutes a superb design. And a pipe, which is over that all originaly. Should be marked as a excelent design.“

Martin Pecina

That’s the way I’ll focus on.

So, back to about me. I was born in the Moravska Trebova on 11th of the November in 1986. I decided to stay in the Pardubice after I had finished my master studies. In a field of tobacco smoking... After I have been reaching my personal best, I decided to find another way to raise this passion up.

The next step may be. To offer you a pipe, that combines excellent design respecting tobacco properties. A pipe, that is supposed to raise the passion of tobacco smoking.

Martin Pedain


A great acknowledgement belongs to Mr. Jan Klouček. Without his mentoring and helping hands it wouldn’t be possible to achieve such required quality.

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